A classic river kayak; stable and forgiving. Its planning hull will surf all day long, and makes for a fast, dry ride through the even the messiest eddylines.

The GT series are an excellent choice for the experienced paddler, and a dynamic yet predictable river boat for those new to whitewater. Ample foot room for larger paddlers and plenty of volume for extra gear on extended trips.


  • Planing hull.
  • Double release edges.
  • Tapered volume distribution.
  • Continuous rail for controlled edging and carving.
  • Excellent initial and secondary stability, ideal for progressive skills.


Graded - Will have cosmetic or other imperfections that have not quite met the strindgent quality control process. Does not affect the safety, performance or manufactures warranty of the kayak. 

Dagger GTS Action

  • GT Series            
    Model Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck
    GTS 2.31m 0.60m 16kg 211L 35-65kg Size 4
    GT 2.36m 0.61m 17kg 232L 40-80kg Size 4
    GTX 2.49m 0.65m 19kg 267L 65-105kg Size 4
    GT Max 2.70m 0.68m 20kg 300L 85-125kg Size 4
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