HUAKA'I inflatable stand up paddle board, dimensions 305 x 84 x 15 cm is the perfect way to spend free time actively by the water. A well-made board with a non-slip surface, very well profiled with a flexible surf leash will work well in more than one body of water.
The board is very easy to use, just inflate it with the hand pump included in the kit and you're ready to go. Flexible lines work well when transporting, for example, fins or masks ... Thanks to the very high displacement, it can easily lift a person with a maximum body weight of 130 kg (including luggage).
Made of Tritech material - a special three-layer laminate with a core made of polyester mesh and PVC, giving stiffness and strength, and Drop Stitch - an inflatable structure that guarantees stability on water. An inflatable board is an indispensable element of holiday luggage for every lover of long trips on water bodies. If you prefer active rest to lounging on the beach, this product is just for you! The inflatable board will be perfect for surfing, but also for yoga. After completing the swim, the board can be easily deflated and stored in a special backpack that comes with the set.

- 1 person surf board
- made of a special Drop Stitch material that is lightweight and durable
- Tritech ™ surface material subjected to special tests to confirm its excellent durability and resistance to UV rays
- perfect shape for swimming in calm water and small waves
- elastic cord on the front to secure luggage while swimming
- convenient handle for easy carrying
- non-slip traction pad
- a wide pad will allow you to take your pet
- maximum load 130 kg
- middle fin


Kit includes:




Carry bag



Huaka 10' Stand up paddle board

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