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How long are the kayak tours?   Our “Coastal Cruise”  “Beach and Cave” and "Ultimate Exclusive" tours last around 2hrs. 

Are the tours suitable for a beginner? All our tours are suitable for the novice and beginner paddler.

Do you have changing facilities? Yes, we have full changing facilities for all our customers. We also have a toilet and outside showers for rinsing off at the end of the day. 

How fit do you have to be? You do require a very basic level of fitness owing to the nature of the activity, if you have any concerns please contact us first. 

Do you have anywhere to leave valuables and clothing? Yes, we have a secure area for keys, phones and wallets. Please bring a bag for your clothing and we can store that for you as well. 

Are the kayaks easy to paddle? We use the best and British made sit on top type kayaks. They are very stable and easy to paddle. They will become unstable towards the upper end of the weight limit (around 100kg) if you are a novice paddler.   

I have a disability or illness, can I still go? We can easily cater for many disabilities or illnesses. Please contact us for further advice or information. For breathing and cardiovascular illnesses, kayaking may induce a higher than normal exertion of exercise, please bare this in mind. On the day of your guided activity you will have to declare any medical condition that may be affected by this activity. For hires you must assess the risks yourself.

Can I bring my young child or children? We can take children from the age of 2 years old however! We have found that young and very young children have a very short attention span and do not enjoy sitting still for the length of a tour. They also get cold a lot quicker, especially out of the main summer season. Our advice is: Age 2 - 5/6 the conditions will have to be perfect with a warm/sunny day and flat calm seas. Age 5 – 10 conditions do not have to be so perfect but must still be very good. 

Do you have a 3 person kayak for my young child? All of our double kayaks will hold 2 average size adults plus a young child (under 6 – 8 depending on size). The maximum weight capacity is 200kg.

Can my child have their own kayak? We have found that many 12-16 year olds that are "really good swimmers” “very active” “good runners” or “play lots of sports” often struggle if they have very limited kayaking experience. For our tours, under 14’s must go in a double kayak with either an adult or similar age child. For hires we recommend a minimum age of 12+ depending on conditions and their experience. Please contact us for further advice if needed.

If the weather is bad will the tour / hire still go ahead? Bad weather for our tours and hires relate to sea conditions and not sun, cloud and rain. If we deem conditions safe activities will still go ahead despite light rain or being overcast however, ultimately we want our customers to have a good and positive experience. Please also see our cancellation policy.

Can I bring a dog? We do have capacity for you to bring a dog however, please be mindful that not all dogs will enjoy kayaking as much as you! They must sit in a double kayak and we can provide a dog lifejacket. There is a dog ban in force on Combe Martin main beach from May-September, dogs must either be carried to and from the kayak or picked up from the neighbouring beach. We can also provide a dog kennel at the centre. Please contact us before booking if you require our canine services.  

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