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Dagger GT; A classic river kayak which is stable and forgiving. The Dagger GT's planing hull will surf all day long, and makes for a fast, dry ride through the even the messiest eddylines. 

Factory second - Will have cosmetic or other imperfections that have not quite met the strindgent quality control process. Does not affect the safety, performance or manufactures warranty of the kayak. 


  • Deck Size Bigdeck/R5 easy fit or Keyhole/R4 for a tight fit


SizeGTS 7.5GT 7.8GTX 8.1GT MAX 8.10  
Max Capacity  65kg80kg105kg125kg
Deck Height  31cm34cm37cm39cm
Cockpit Length  86cm86cm86cm86cm
Cockpit Width  48cm48cm48cm48cm
Paddler Weight  35-65kg40-80kg65-105kg85-125kg

Dagger GTX 8.1 Club - factory second

£579.00 Regular Price
£549.00Sale Price
Colour Options: Red
  • GT Series            
    Model Length Width Weight Volume Wt Range Spraydeck
    GTS 2.31m 0.60m 16kg 211L 35-65kg Size 4
    GT 2.36m 0.61m 17kg 232L 40-80kg Size 4
    GTX 2.49m 0.65m 19kg 267L 65-105kg Size 4
    GT Max 2.70m 0.68m 20kg 300L 85-125kg Size 4
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