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Compact and speedy throwline for water rescue.

The best throwline is the one you have with you. Carton shaped with a flat profile, it's easy to slip inside your PFD and even more out of the way on a throwline belt. The velcro lid holds its shape when the bag is open and acts as a handle to grasp the bag, making repacking easy.

For its small size you'll be surprised at the 12.5 m of 8 mm rope it contains, and how far and fast it throws. The Quickclip karabiner attachment point makes for a clean line and a tidy package.


  • Compact shape fits a PFD pocket
  • Hi visibility colour
  • Velcro lid acts as handle when repacking
  • Quickclip clean line attachment point
  • Velcro fastening closure
  • CORDURA® 500D bag
  • 8 kN static breaking strength
  • 12.5 m rope length
  • 8 mm diameter floating polypropylene kernmantle rope
  • Weight 481 g

Palm Arc Throwline

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