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The Palm Drift Pro 2-piece paddle is a lightweight paddle which incorporates the infamous Palm Drift blade on a 2 part fibreglass adjustable shaft. The shaft splits in to two at the centre of the shaft through a coupling which also allows you to adjust your feather and the length of the paddle. 

The Palm 2-Piece Pro Paddle is often used for travelling, day touring, recreational paddling, sit on tops, inflatable kayaks and by people who require a paddle that is lightweight and easily be transported and stored.

The ability to adjust the length of the paddle also makes it ideal for families who share kayaks and require varied length paddles for each user.


  • Weight: 1179 (115-120)
  • Blade Size: 660 cm²
  • Feather: 0–80° adjustable
  • Blade: Polypropylene glass filled
  • Shaft: Glass fibre
  • Take apart paddle with adjustable feather and length coupling
  • Blade shape with gentle dihedral
  • Moulded-in hand grip
  • Drip rings
  • Adjustable  215-220cm length - 0-80 deg Left or right

Palm Drift Pro adjustable 2 piece paddle

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