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In the event of a capsize and being unable to get to the waters edge this kayak pumpoffers the perfect solution for getting water out of your sea kayak.  Once the kayak is empty you can then get back into the boat and continue with your kayak journey

Palm Equipment have manufactured the kayak pump from a tough durable plastic. The pump itself measures about 2 1 inch in length. When the plunger is fully extended the unit will increase to 3 5 inch in length. On the end of the main plunger there is a large handle that is easy to grip. This handle is also the ideal location to secure some cord so it can be tied into your kayak.  The pump mechanism will remove water from the boat on both directions of pull to make if quicker and more effective. 

On the main barrel of the pump there is then a foam sleeve that will give it some buoyancy in the event of you dropping it.

Palm Kayak Pump

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