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This versatile sit-on-top performs

brilliantly, whether it’s catching a fish for

the BBQ, playing in the surf or a longer

flatwater trip. Best in class comfort and

storage including a larger tankwell with

even more capacity than previous 14 ft



Factory second -  cosmetic or minor imperfections that have not met the strindgent factory QC process. This will not affect the performance, safety or warranty of the kayak.  

Tarpon 120 - factory second

£899.00 Regular Price
£829.00Sale Price
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    • Stable multi-chine hull with full keel for tracking
    • Wave-piercing bow design
    • Deep cockpit area for dry seating
    • Phase 3 SOT seating system
    • Leg lifter padded seat
    • Height adjustable padded backband
    • Keepers footbrace system
    • 8" Orbix bow hatch & midship hatch
    • Stern tankwell with SlideTrax securing elastics
    • Side, bow and stern carry handles
    • Tarpon storage pockets
    • SlideTrax rail system
    • Self-bailing scupper holes   


    Length 3.73m

    Width 0.76m

    Weight 29kg

    Capacity 159kg

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